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Sleeves Slow Me Down
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In Davenport @RickSantorum shows off new green sweater vest @FearRicksVest”

Thanks for the SCHWEEET TWEET about me “Rick’s Sweater Vest” from Anthony at NBC News.  

Be afraid…be very afraid when @RickSantorum wears me! Sleeves just slow him down! #iacaucus #santorum #fearricksvest
A SCHWEEEET TWEET, Inspired by Rick’s Sweater Vest

If you have seen Rick Santorum doing more television interviews recently you should know why!  It’s me - Rick’s Sweater Vest - WOW do I look good on camera or what?  Producers from across the country are keeping Hogan Gidley, Rick’s Communication’s Director, very busy because I am in demand.

Now on to the John King interview from yesterday.  You can see me on camera in the video below. Yeah you should Fear me alright - Threat Level was GREEN!  Quite festive if I say so myself!  But enough about me - during the interview I did some instant On-Air fact checking on John King.  He referred to a poll where Rick was at only 5% and said that it was recent - “just about a week ago.”  Well John, the poll was taken starting November 29th and it was December 20th.  Hello!  Where I come from that’s three weeks ago.

Since that time Rick and I have doubled in two recent Iowa polls to at 10% or more!  Oh Yeah!  It’s part of the Santorum Sweater Vest Surge!

A new Public Policy poll has shown that the Favorable Ratings spread for Rick Santorum is the highest among GOP candidates.  He has a 20 point positive spread and he leads the pack - that’s awesome!

Of course we know why he is favorable - well it’s because of me - Rick’s Sweater Vest.  I was the original True Conservative!

Now don’t get me wrong, I do give Rick some credit.  But let’s get real - everyone time he wears me on the campaign trail, his ratings go up!!!

FAVORABLE RATINGS - In the most recent Public Policy Poll, Senator Rick Santorum has the highest Favorable Rating Spread among all GOP candidates. He also almost doubled his poll numbers in just the last two weeks and is now in fourth place just four points behind Newt Gingrich -http://tinyurl.com/6w5z83w

Here I am on the campaign trail in Iowa.  Rick and I have now had over 350 events in Iowa together.  I have been there by his side from the beginning.

Glad to see that the Santorum Momentum is in full force!  We are surging in the polls and making great connections with voters.

In Iowa you can’t buy votes, you have to earn them.
Attributed to Rick Santorum - inspired by Rick’s Sweater Vest

A loyal “We Pick Rick" supporter created this video montage of Rick Santorum and myself, Rick’s Sweater Vest.  I am deeply humbled by this sincere form of appreciation.  

It is perhaps the ultimate Kudos!

Actually Rick Santorum picked me because I am truly conservative.

You see he is a True Conservative across the board - on Faith and Family Values, on National Security & Foreign Policy, on Jobs Made in America and on Limited Government.

He is also a True Conservative when it comes to me - his Sweater Vest.

Some may say that he’s not flashy - well that’s because I’m not flashy.  Rick is solid on the issues and is also a Consistent Conservative - you can always count on him.  

Just like Rick can always count on me.

Rick’s Sweater Vest, On the campaign trail in Iowa